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Celebrity Journalist|Publicist, Self-Published Author, Ghostwriter, Book Coach, & Entrepreneur

Hi Everyone! I am Creative Author Kenya Sheats and I inspire visionairies to write and birth their first self-published book, so they can make a life-chaging impact. 


I remember the day I finally completed my first book "100SHEATS" and submitted it to be approved for publishing. It felt like a weight had lifted off of my shoulders due to spending countless hours and weeks trying to make it "perfect." On the day of receiving my copy to review my book "100SHEATS" I literally cried  because my dream was in my hands! 


Since that day, I've had the urge to want to help other creatives, dreamers and believers accomplish their goal of becoming a self-published author.  This leads me to officially create and launch Sheats Publishing House, LLC.

If you are just as eager to share your story with the world as I was but need the help, guidance, and courage to do so, you're in the right place.

What's There To Offer:

Developmental Editing (Book Doula)

Copy Editing (Book Diaper Change)

Line Editing (Book Babysitter)

Proofreading (Book Delivery Room)

Publishing (Welcome Baby Book)

The Journey Towards Authorship Begins on the Path of Self-Discipline

Kenya is an amazing writer, speaker, and business professional!! She provides great detailed feedback and direction. She is passionate about her work and it shows!! She provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

- Keisha Smith

Kenya provided the most thorough business strategy session and breakdown I have ever received! We discussed ways to realign my brand, engage new audiences, and more importantly she reinforced my need outline goals and align myself with my purpose which will help me continually believe in myself as I move forward.

- Cara Pressley

Wow this girl is an amazing speaker!! Last saturday at the belleempowerment mixer she had us opening up like a can of worms!! Opening our hearts, opening our minds, opening our spirits and i appreciate her leading this empowerment meeting in the direction we all needed to be!!

- Kiarra Kristin


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