Proofreading & Publishing

Road To Delivery (Proofread)

During the publishing process, your manuscript will be revised and proofread only, meaning there will be no copy editing or line editing. Your manuscript will be read as though it was already in the hands of your ideal reader and we will provide positive feedback and constructive criticism about those minor mistakes like overlooked misspelled words. 

If you are wondering if proofreading is neccessary, it is very necessary. This is the last step before you give birth to your book and we want to make sure it is perfect and error-free. This is a slow process, being that I don't want to miss anything. However, if you re trying to meet a deadline, I will do my best to have everything squared away in just enough time providing you with quality results.

Book Delivery Room

Congratulations! You made it through a full-term book developmental process and now you are ready to share your story with the world. You are now ready to publish your book and deservingly become a proud mother/father of a newborn baby book. 

I know this is the moment you have been waiting for and guess what? It only gets better from here. People are going to appreciate the time, energy, and creativity you put into this dream of yours and they are going to want to read this fine piece of literature.

At Sheats Publishing House, it is our duty to make sure you have a healthy and successful delivery and we do this publishing your book through sources like Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kobo, Ingram, Google Play and more.

Proofreading Process

First things first, you will submit a PDF version of your official manuscript to

Subject Line: Book Delivery Room | The Title of The Book

Duration: 7-14 business days | Rush Orders: There will be an upcharge depending on expected turnaround

Feedback & Comments: Will be shared in Google Docs (Outline style)

Support: Frequent Email Support, Google Docs, and Scheduled Conference Calls

Proofreading Complete: All suggestions, comments, and feedback will be provided for publishing

Proofreading Purpose: Revise and check for errors, typos, consistent mistakes

Kenya Publish Me

EPUB file, a universal copy/file of your book, which most publishing sites prefer. Then it will be formatted to meet the standards for publishing like: font size, margins, book dimension size, bleed/no bleed, photos or no photos, etc. 

The genre of your book will be selected to make sure your book lands in the hands of your targeted audience. It will also have a very detailed description as well as author biography for readers to learn more about what to expect and learn more about the author. 

Pricing is also required to know during this process and royalties will be discussed as well. If you plan on making a huge profit from your book, we suggest you create a website and offer your book to be sold on there as well. More details will be discussed once we reached this point. However, please have some price points in mind. You can research the niche of your book and see what other books that are similar to your rate their book and we can go from there.

Once the book is formatted and is submitted to be approved by the preferred publishing sites, which can take up to 72 hours, your book will be LIVE and ready for purchase. 

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